New Alliance of AoA

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Gang War Name and Position:
Iceangel              Pimp
Iceangel2            Dealer
BlickDaPimp       Pimp
ShadyThug         Thug
DeepestDepth     Pimp
DeepSix             Dealer
MrSwoll              Thug
Cobra316            Dealer
Monkeyking        Pimp
Snakebite535      Thug


Real Name and Rank:
Mike Blick           Leader, Founder, Elite Class Trainer (R)
Ryan Kline          Co-Leader, Elite (R)
Jon Kohlbauer     Co-Founder, Elite (R)
Ricky Gibson      Trained Thug, Elite (R)


A.S.R.      /        Skill        /       C.O.E.F:
Active (H)          Expert               Leader
Active (H)          Expert                100%
Active (M)         High                    100%
Active (L)           Average              75%

New Alliance News:
10/06/02- Well, my names have probably been long forgotten at this point by gang-wars servers, but recently I have lost interest in this game, and it seems like i'm not the only one who has. So unless I get an overwhelming response to this post, I will be closing down this chapter of New Alliance. I placed the thread on the battleboards. Go look.
9/18/02- Congratulations on todays acquirement of 500 casinos. As I have already began to notice, buying is one hell of a lot easier when you make this much money. At a higher rank, I have discovered some information which should help you about each type or character. Some of this information may be quite contradictory to what you have been used to hearing.
Thugs- The best attribute for this character is NOT strength, as we all thought. The most important part of battle, defending against attacks, is done with Guerilla Warfare! Strength will only increase your chances of purchasing more, higher quality thugs in less turns. Once you reach a certain point (around 1000), strength is unneccessary. Guerilla Warfare increases your success in battle.
Also, for thugs who plan on being able to use intimidate, humvees are highly effective, not only for more skilled attacks, but scaring your opponents!
Pimps - Again, once you reach about 1000 points to your main attribute as a pimp (which is Charisma) , it no longer needs to be upgraded. The more important parts are now Women's Studies and Sexual Education. Try to make them higher than your victims stats, because they higher they are over your opponents same stats, the more effective your ho attacks will be (Steal Hoes, Diseased Hoes, Turf War).
Dealers - The most important stat was thought to be intelligence. Now it is important, until it gets to about 1100-1200. As this point, Chemistry becomes the most important stat. High Chemistry stats will cause you to build better drugs at a higher rate when either buying dealers or upgrading dealer stats.
I recommend that all turns be used to upgrade until you have a rating of about 2000, or about 2200 for dealer, following the above ideas. Spend money on the proper buildings and weapons for your characters, and youll have high rank in no time.

Now as anyone in AoA can tell you, most people have abandoned playing Gang-Wars. I however, find that this little turn-based game can still be amusing. So I started NewAlliance about a month ago, and got a few friends involved. The game is at, and I suggest you get acquainted with it before asking to join NewAlliance.
Next season (after Sept 30, 2002), we plan on joining one of the top ranked gangs on the game, so that we will have some actual competition among the top 50 gangs. We welcome any members of AoA and those interested to learn how to play and join our gang, but if you join, you will have to stick with it. That is why we will only allow people who are going to register to play next season. If we get enough members, it is quite possible that we will just continue on as NewAlliance and not join another gang.

A.S.R. - Activity Status Rating
Active (H) - High
Active (M) - Moderate
Active (L) - Low
Inactive - Non-existant
C.O.E.F. - Current Overall Efficiency Factor
A comparision of activity and skill. Shows how much of an impact you currently have on the gang. This is the first thing I look at when I consider jobs and promotions. (E.G. - If you excel at using a pimp, I may recommend that a certain amount of your characters be pimps for the next season.)
Rankings - These show what you represent in this gang.
Leader: Godfather
Co-Leader: Underboss
(R): Respectable. This person should be respected at all times by all persons not dawning the same title. He has earned this affix through his knowledge and intelligence of gang-wars tactics. This medal can be taken away quicker than it was given.
Elite: A member of NewAlliance who has been a very important factor. This person has been loyal to the gang during even the troublesome times. Has shown loyalty, dedication and skill in NewAlliance for at least 3 month rounds with the intent to continue. Can only be designated as such by the Godfather of the gang, or by with Co-Leader of the gang with the Godfather's approval.
First Class: A member who has shown both dedication and skill over at least 2 month rounds with the intent to continue. Can be designated as such by an Elite member with (R) medal or higher.
Second Class: A member who has shown dedication and/or skill for at least a 1 month round with the intent to continue. Can be designated by an Elite or higher with approval of an Elite (R) or higher. Elite (R) or higher rank do not need approval to designate a member to Second class.
Private: You must have at least 2 weeks experience at Gang Wars and be intent on joining the gang if not already a member. Any Second class member or higher may recommend you for Private.
All promotions or recommendations for such are to be sent with a message on gang-wars to either Iceangel or DeepestDepth. They can also be e-mailed to, but a gang-wars message will merit a faster response.