Oh, you didn't know?

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My Profile:

Name: Michael Blick

Nickname(s): Prophecy, Blick

D.O.B.: August 7, 1985

Personality: Humorous

Fear Factor: Heights
Musical Artist(s): Anybody but Ja Rule

Quote: It's hard to have a quote when you live half a year in Baltimore and the other half in Atlanta. I'll get back to u with that, shawty

Favorite Song:'s a tossup right now...

Current Favorite Game: Fight Night Round 2

Hobbies: Rappin, Video Games

Future: Programming...either that or i'll be on social security haha

Role Model(s): Me Myself and I Alone

Favorite Movie: A League of Their Own. Hey how the hell did this get here?!? lol

Philosophy on Life:  The Caveman Theory...

I just graduated from Parkville High...ummmmm...yea. Lots of memories. Too bad I forgot them all :)


If I could capture the rage, of todays youth and bottle it
Crush the glass from my bare hands, and swallow it
Then spit it back, in the faces of you racists and hypocrites who think the same shit but don't say shit
You liberaces, Versaces, and you Nazi's watch me cause you thinking you got me in this hotseat
You muthafuckas wanna JUDGE me cuz ur NOT me
You'll neva STOP me i'm TOP speed as you POP me
I came to save these new generations of babies
From parents who failed to raise em cause theyre lazy
To grow to praise me i'm makin em go crazy
That's how I got this whole nation to embrace me
And you fugazi if you think ima admit wrong
I'll cripple any hypocritic critic i'm sic'd on
And this song, is for any kid who gets picked on
A sick song, to retaliate to and it's called (Fight Music)
This kinda music, use it and you'll get amped, to do shit
Whenever you hear some shit and you can't refuse it
It's just some shit, for these kids to trash they rooms with
Just refuse, whenever they asked to do shit
The type of shit, that you don't have to ask, who produced it
You just know, that's the new shit
The type of shit, that causes mass confusion
And drastic movement in people acting stupid