Song 1*


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What's goin on in the world today
People fightin, feudin, lootin, it's okay
Let it go, let it flow, let the good times roll
Tell 'em Dre (it ain't nuttin but music)


Well, on this part of the site you can look at my lyrics. I'll put all the ones I want to on this page. I guess i'm on my way to becoming a skilled emcee here. Well, very soon expect me to have a few of my very own mp3s here. That's right, you can download me! (Wow, Mike that's pretty kool)




Yeah....Emergency Records
L Double MC

I grab mics and get ill, L.M.M.C. stay spittin
Stay hittin, any nigga on the stage catching good riddance
Gauge spittin, trigger pulling and my guns stay clickin
Low blows for hoes that don't know what they missing
Pick up two copies as soon as my shit drops
Play dis so loud that you get arrested by the cops
But when they show up, they start bumping and catch beats
And pretty soon, my vibes then caught your whole entire street
Niggas popping heats will drop them shits to listen
It'll make that couple getting a divorce start kissing
You faggots can't see my magic, i'm disastrous
Making these quick card tricks while i'm kicking they asses
I shoot to kill, and i'm aiming for the cranium
If emcees is vile beasts, then everyday i'm slaying em
Bitches hangin offa me, and no I ain't paying em
If they get outta line, then i'm straight em


You can't fuck wit the real
(EMCEES) Dem niggas guaranteed to get ill
Raving and ranting, circle the ring dancing
Til the ref raising up arms and then he calls us the

I shouldn't say most of the shit that I do
But I really don't give a fuck, and neither does my crew
Bloodline, punchline, you whores ain't hard
You save rhymes for second lines like a memory card
You weak as fuck, and when you hear my beats you duck
You pressed ya luck, you melting on thin ice like pucks
Even wit your punchlines, ima beat you cuz
You need a line worse than Parkville Varsity does
You my's well sit down now, just like you do in the game
Cause i'm just screwing the fame, ima put you to shame
And you can run, but ima haunt you, get on ya nerves, yo
I'm chasing ya ass like the flash wit a turbo
Anybody can make a contract and sign it
But how many people can get behind it, murder niggas when rhyming
Before you was Hufflining, I was Emergency
Cause that's the room that you go to after you battle me