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It was actually by suggestion that I make a page for shoutouts, which means somebody is craving I would like to point him out and laugh. Just kidding, i'm an asshole sometimes. Anyways, here go the shoutouts...
Well, it's pretty much customary to thank God, i'm not sure if He cares about mah little tripod page here...I figure He spent 6 days creating everything, so that must mean He spent about .0000000000000000000000472 seconds making the tripod website...
Shouts to Ricky, i'm gonna help u out with ur little situation and the meantime, just avoid bein so superficial...and ill talk to Angie 4 u...she's a good person to have by your side when ur goin through shit... 
Shouts to Deadly Combination, and shouts to everyone who contributed or will contribute to past, present, and future success of da clique...Bucky, Flip, Gilotine, J, Goody, all yall rapheads who invaded mah basement over the last 8 months...ya nah mean? But if yall dont call b4 u come over I will send u away...i'm not playin
Shouts to mah Aunt...she's really influencing me in a positive way, telling me mah options and shit like that. She's been tryin to get me on 106 & Park for a while, sendin in my demo n shit. If I ever get there, i'm gonna handle it... 4 real, some cat is gonna get embarrassed, and I don't mean me...
Shouts to all da Parkville graduates! Branson, Umar, Rico, Lando, and I gotta yell really loud so Jon can hear me at Loch Raven, where all the odd kids and asians, I was actually gonna go there, glad I didn't. Would have been like Pleasant Plains all over again!
Shouts go out to all dem girls who know I be playin but mess with me anyway!
Shouts to all the people who I used to sit down at lunch and freestyle with. Practice makes perfect.
Shouts to mah homeboi Ryan, yea I got u too! I'll figure it due time my friend, in due time. Just remember, pimps always have something to look forward to. :) Handle yo business, homie!
Tiffany J. - For reminding me that shit ain't always what it seems...i'm not sure if that's good or bad..
Just a few more shouts for some cool people, Sanju, Tunde, Eric (quit smokin marine!) , Lindsey, Mandie, Helen,  Chrissy, Sharon, Angie(good luck in PA) , Ashley, Chris, Jason, Patrick, Justin, Hyung, Kendall, Shannon, Tiffany, Megan (damn she was fine!!!) , all the JROTC heads cuz we're the shyt, and anybody I forgot.
Shouts to all the ballaz, baby! Eight o clock at Golden Ring Middle. It's like clockwork.
Shouts to Big Country Coop, Ngeri, and to all yall Perry Hall peoplez who I have yet to meet. Yall have no idea what ur gettin
Hollaz out to anybody I missed. If I missed you, here's a tissue. But if I simply don't remember you, well, that's your own issue. :)