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01/28/02- There's always next year :)

Well, my team made it! The Rams are in the Super Bowl and as for the Ravens, well uh...all you can say is that the wall knocked them over. Looks like the Patriots certainly didn't have a problem breaking that wall down. It's Rams and Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Rams are my team and you know they gonna win it all-Marshall Faulk is a beast and the Pats are 15 point underdogs! How about that for screwed, eh?

01/13/02- Oh, Hell No...

I gotta buy a new sound card...damn, that sucks. On the brighter side of things, it looks like i'm finally starting back working on this cd. Now I see why they take so long to be released, people can't get their shyt straight...including me. Well, u know. Raven's spanked Miami and i'll be making a page update for every Ravens game left in the playoffs.

12/24/01- Long ass day, ain't it

I still can't play sports. Worse news, I could be like this for up to 6 months! Just great. Well anyway, i'm updating late because i'm ever so bored and now I am going to sleep. Bye Bye!

12/07/01- Approaching Xmas

Hey Hey! Well, Christmas is almost here. It looks like I might even be out of school until winter break is over, thanks to this lovely virus I got. Just great, and what a time to get it too. I couldn't have just got it around like May or something, but no. Just my luck, I get it like 2 weeks before break, which means theres a good chance i'll still have it through Xmas, and be finally gettin rid of it right before it's time to go back to school.

11/24/01- Back from the Dirty South...at last

I'm finally home from Georgia. Time to kick up this site and the boards and shyt, make it better...you know. Well anywayz, Nebraska fell apart and lost by like 26 points or something like that. (Not happy.)

11/08/01- Marine Corps Ball...Ooorah!

The Marine Corps JROTC Promotion Ceremony and Dance is Saturday. Thursday is the last day to buy tickets, after that...you just won't go. Invitation only.

As I promised, that chatroom is on it's way...I just found out how to use it, only downside is, you have to be a tripod.com or lycos.com member. Doesn't take long, but it's still a waste of time. If you want to talk to the people who visit this site, I consider it a small burden. If you have an angelfire.com name and password, they work as well. You don't need to make a whole page, just go to angelfire.com and create and name real quick. Then enjoy the chatroom.

BTW...Varsity football is getting better!

10/01/01- A sad day for the Angels

The Angels of Armageddon is a starcraft clan. It's just a game, however this life has shown us time and time again that there is a harsh reality. Fellow member Crimson~AoA, known to many simply as Josh, passed away in his sleep a few days ago. He was 18. It is sad to see a member of our own be "defeated in such a manner. However, we will not give up. Josh wouldn't want us to. Therefore, on behalf of the CTD, we will be retiring Crimson~AoA as the first member to the Angels Hall of Fame at a date to be released at a later date. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

9/22/01- Damn, man! Do you ever update this page?

Ya, uh, sorry about that. Won't happen again. I've been so busy with my music and sports and school starting up that I have had no time to make updates.

9/07/01-Ain't nuttin, dawg

Ya, yo. Nothin happened at all today. But word, you should have gotten at dem soda machines. Word is, first day of school they were free. A few people had bookbags full. They got spotted a few times, but they just acted like they weren't doing anything. Oh well, better luck next time, I guess you just gotta be open like me to hear about dat stuff.

9/06/01- Reporting In, Sir

Well, it really feels good being a junior. Finally, I am upperclass! I have waited so long for this moment. Uh....ya.....anyway I just have one little problem with this. There are entirely too many freshmen! The halls are crowded like whoa! But a pretty decent first two days, let's see what develops.

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