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This tripod project is abandoned...look below for contact info...

AOL or AIM: RNKKPres81

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R.I.P. Mac Mar

09/08/05- Didn't realize the site was still getting hits...those who wish to contact me about music or page updates can do so on AOL Instant Messenger. My aim is RNKKPres81. Also, enough playing around with my cam and I managed to get it online. Still in the early testing phases. When it is on, however, you can go to it by clicking the "Proph Vision" tag.
1. Lay Down
2. Verse-A-Tility
3. Underground Myth feat Eternal Deathlon
4. Turn It Up feat Eternal Deathlon
The list needs a crucial update. It will recieve that update when I get some free time in between school and sleeping. :)
Also, two unreleased tracks will debut on the album...
1: Business, not Bullshit
2: Step Back
Ty (MuziqllyGifted) is sharing my AcidPlanet account via profile. It's not me reviewing myself...
AcidPlanet Profiles:
Prophecy of DC
Deadly Combination
(This profile is vintage and solely for historical purposes.)

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Elmer brings you Verse-A-Tility.
---the second album promo pic---



Page Updates:

09/05/05 - Do you believe what Kanye said on live television? He's got balls the size of boulders if you ask me. I woulda said it earlier, but I couldn't get on TV. Anyway, the update is to my latest track on the front page, You Gonna Run. Thats it. The only reason I came doesn't it?
03/03/05 - Supposed to be visiting Baltimore next week. I gave the page a much needed and well deserved update.
10/16/04 - Just lose it! (uhuhuhuhuh) I threw some pics of me from around mah house on here. Check em out. I gotz a cellie wit free long distance so expect to hear me yellin at all yall real soon...
4/3/04 - Changed the music to a promo of a track on Proph's new album, Up Next.
1/20/04 - Updated the site with news of the new album...not to mention a few, other things. Happy belated b-day, MLK Jr.
10/28/03 - Changed the website music to a more recent track, also changed a few pictures. Hey, Friday is Halloween, yall!
10/18/03-Yesterday was the birthday of rap's great white hype...happy belated birthday, Eminem! My single, Outta Da Park, just's on the site under the ad, be sure and check it of the hottest tracks yet.
9/5/03-I think you can see the obvious change. No explanation necessary.
8/26/03- Updated the front page news.
8/20/03- Updated two pages, and I have added a new page, the AIM Post. Now there is a new way to meet people on messenger programs. Go check it out!
8/17/03- Finished up work on "Prophecy - Get Out My Face." It's the first track i've done with no midi mix, and it sounds damn good if I do say so myself! Check it out, yall.
8/12/03- Mah new track is up...and don't forget about the poll!
8/09/03- Uploaded "Livewires" by special request.

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